The Formula

District Formula Chair:

Bob Mitchell
1621 Green Branch Cir
West Des Moines, IA 50265
(515) 457-7691
Fax (515) 457-7694 

Formula Team Members

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Why The Formula - Love It, Share It, Live It?

The Nebraska Iowa District membership is growing smaller every year.  As of October 1, 2016, our numbers have fallen below 5700.  In 1991-92 we had over 9,000 members!  If this trend continues, Kiwanis will soon become a thing of the past!  Can you imagine your community without Kiwanis?  Think of all the children you serve! Kids NEED Kiwanis!

What would happen if we were not there to provide that service?  Who will serve them?

 I don’t know about you, but I am proud of the service Kiwanis provides. And, I am so proud, or as Past Governor Andy Bradley says, “Kiwanis Proud,” that I am always telling others “Why” I am in Kiwanis…because of a difference I made last week or last month.  Then I tell them about who we are and what we do and I invite them to join us in our effort.  I invite them to a service project or to our meeting.

Each of us has been blessed with the opportunity to work with children as well as adults with special needs. Yes, membership in Kiwanis is a blessing: not only do we make a difference in the lives we touch; we develop lifelong friendships through our camaraderie and fellowship.  Kiwanis is the best thing going and we need to invite others to enjoy it with us.

But, in spite of who we are and what we provide to both our communities and our members, our numbers continue to decline. Here is another sobering fact:

‚Äč40% of Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis


  have 25 or fewer Members

Forty percent of the 177 clubs in the Nebraska Iowa District now have 25 or fewer members! Forty Percent! Studies show that 80% of clubs with a declining membership are losing members at an average rate of only one or two a year! That is a trend that can be reversed! 

The Formula Needs YOU!

The Formula, launched in 2013, is a KI member led initiative designed to strengthen existing clubs and open new clubs in cities and towns that are not currently being served by Kiwanis.

The Formula Team in each Division is comprised of the Lt. Governor, a New Club Opener and two Club Counselors. Our defining statement is: “Members Loving, Sharing and Living their Kiwanis experience.” 
Each member of the NE-IA Formula current team has been trained and has agreed to serve for three years to assist in this effort. Given our 24 Divisions, the total potential membership is 72. While each Lt. Governor is a member, we are short some New Club Openers and some Club Counselors and we invite you to join the team.

Club Opener & Club Counselor Job Descriptions:

The job descriptions for each position are on the District’s website. Please access them by clicking the links below and consider joining our Formula Team. If you are interested, contact Bob Mitchell, District Formula Chair for the application to become a certified member of the Formula Team. As the heading says: We need you. Kiwanis needs you. And, ultimately, the KIDS need you.

Club Opener Job Description

Club Counselor Job Description