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Fight Hunger with Food Backpack Gifts - 10/20/2017
Submitted by: Diana & Phil Sickles
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Kiwanis clubs in the district are being asked to suggest to their club members that when they are considering what to buy for their loved ones or their child's or grandchild's teacher for Christmas that they consider making a donation to the Food Bank's BackPack Program or the community back pack program your club supports.


A kindergarten teacher once told me (Diana) that "You can only use so many coffee mugs and yet every teacher has a hungry child in their classroom." So instead of giving your child's or grandchild's teacher a "coffee mug" for Christmas make a donation to the BackPack Program in their honor.  Or if you have a loved...

Milford K-Kids Supports Sole Hope Project - 10/18/2017
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The Milford, Nebraska Elementary K-Kids Club had a Shoe Cutting Party for Sole Hope, an organization whose purpose is, "To effectively put in place preventative methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and psychological difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities." 

Sole Hope focuses their efforts within the country of Uganda and provides medical relief and shoes for children and jobs for men and women in Uganda. "We realized we could not only help Ugandan children live lives free from jiggers, but we could help Ugandan men and women earn a fair wage by making the shoes that go on the feet of the children...

Division 3 Packing Hygiene Backpacks - 10/02/2017
Submitted by: Jan Burch
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Jan Burch was present to install all officers of Division 3 with Lt. Governor Karen Buchholz on September 25.  The event was held at the Spencer Hy-Noon cafe at Clay County fairgrounds.  Over 100 people attended and all helped pack hygiene back packs.   They filled 400 backpacks with personal hygiene items to supply UDMO's throughout Division 3.  There were even some kids on hand to help out.  There were 125 of the backpacks unloaded in Spencer.   Such a GREAT project for Division 3!!

See other photos dated September 26 at:  Division 3 Facebook