Nebraska-Iowa District Foundation

Every Kiwanian in good standing in the Nebraska-Iowa District is a member of the District Foundation. The Foundation was chartered August 8, 1970 to support the education and training of Kiwanians and Kiwanis sponsored youth in order to further the community programs and projects undertaken by district members.

The Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of one Donor Member of the Foundation from each division, plus the elected officers. The officers of the Foundation are: the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President. One Donor member representing each division, as well as directors at large and the elected officers comprise the Foundation Board.  

NE-IA District Foundation ByLaws Update

The Nebraska-Iowa District Foundation obtains funds from:

  • -- Donor ($100), Sapphire ($250), Ruby ($500), Emerald ($750), and Bartlett ($1000 or more) members
  •     --- who become eligible to vote on organizational issues through their contributions to the Foundation.
  • -- Clubs which contribute $5 per member as the Annual Foundation Fund Gift.

Individual and Club Giving Information

NE-IA District Foundation Grant Information

Backpack Project Information

Camp OK Funds come from:

  • -- Club sponsorships for campers are $400 each.
  • -- Although they are no longer available, some clubs continue to send campers to Camp OK by drawing on endowments provided for that purpose.

Camp OK Information

General Correspondence can be mailed to:

Tracey Scissors-Domgard, NE-IA Foundation Secretary
Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis District Foundation
6125 Rosebud Drive
Lincoln, NE 68516
402 430 6157 


Checks and club donations can be mailed directly to:

Curt Reis, NE-IA Foundation Treasurer 
Nebraska-Iowa Kiwanis Foundation
1207 Poplar Lane
Storm Lake, IA 50588