(Camp OK)

Camp OK is a week-long (6 day, 5 night) camping experience for children who just completed the 5th or 6th grade. It is fully funded by the Kiwanis clubs in the Nebraska-Iowa District and by the NE-IA Kiwanis District Foundation. It has been held for the past several years at the YMCA camp in Boone, Iowa. There are many activities to participate in: Archery, canoeing, horseback riding, nature hiking, pottery, rock wall climbing, swimming, wildlife studying. Also included is a day of service in the Boone area and a ride on a steam train. In prior years, we have had between 90 and 105 campers each year. The children are selected by the local Kiwanis club in coordination with their local elementary schools.

They should be talented children who would otherwise not be able to attend a camp; but, it is the club’s choice of whom to send.The selection process begins in February, with the distribution of camper packets. These must be completed and returned by May. /p>

Selected students will be attending camp June 3nd to June 8th in 2018. There is a motor coach which leaves Lincoln, stops in Omaha and Atlantic and drops the campers off at the camp. The coach returns the campers on Friday, going in the opposite direction. There is a fee to ride the coach.

The campers are assigned to a cabin and to an activity group. The idea is to get individual campers working with as many other campers as possible. They come from the inner city and the family farm. Some live in small towns, others in large cities. They get to interact and learn to work with others with different life experiences. Some have never been away from home overnight before.

Each evening, there is some type of activity followed by a snack provided by a local Kiwanis club. Such snacks as S’mores, watermelon, ice cream sandwiches are provided.

One evening is devoted to a talent show where campers can display any talent they wish to. Piano playing, guitar playing, singing and dancing are some of the talents displayed. Many form small groups to sing or dance.

Clubs fund the camper with a payment of $400 from their Service Fund. Some clubs have endowed campers which cost less or nothing.

Camp OK
Kiwanis Packet

Most campers come not knowing anyone else attending. They arrive shy and withdrawn. By the end of the week, they have life-long memories and friends who they will communicate for quite a while.The tears and hugs as they depart camp demonstrate how their feelings have changed in that brief time. They have had an enjoyable week and provided a service to someone outside their immediate family. This is truly what Camp OK is all about.

The packet contains directions for the club contact plus the forms for the camper, his/her parents/guardians, the teacher and the Kiwanian to follow.

If you have any questions, please contact

Caya Knudson-Camp OK Director
1530 N 27th
Lincoln, NE 68503


Don Glenn-Camp OK Chair/Bus Coordinator
2108 Barbara Ave.
Bellevue, NE 68147